Ouma Christa's Pickled Cucumbers

Ouma Christa is my German grandmother on my father's side. I basically grew up in her kitchen, more or less. Helping peel carrots, mixing cookie dough (but mostly eating it!), playing in the kitchen cupboards, planting vegetables and eating lots of amazing hearty German food are just a few of my memories from that time. My love of food obviously comes from Ouma Christa. I have so many amazing memories of days spent with her. I feel so incredibly lucky to have her in my life. To this day, I don't think she realises what a big influence she's been in my life... I love you Oumie! 


3 English cucumbers peeled, deseeded and cut into half moons. You can also use the short fat cucumbers, just peel them, don't cut them.

1 cup white wine vinegar

2 cups water

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 onion

2 bay leaves 

A few peppercorns


Pour one tablespoon of salt over cucumbers and leave overnight

Rinse the cucumbers

Put all the remaining ingredients in a pot and boil for half an hour

Sterilise a Mason jar (I stick mine in the dishwasher)

Place cucumbers in the jar, pour over the warm vinegar mixture and seal

Wait a couple of days and enjoy!


Here is a link to download and print your own recipe card: Pickled Cucumbers